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If an applicant passes all of their tests and simulated calls they will advance to job-shadowing. At this stage, they will listen to live calls as a partner agent takes them, and then they’ll be tested on what they heard later. After they get through this phase, it reverses the shadowing role, and the applicant will take calls with an experienced agent with them. If they get through all of that, they will get their own spot. If an applicant makes it past this initial round, they will be interviewed by the PATLive management and training team. Passing that second round earns an applicant a spot in a training class. Tresta offers unlimited calling and texting and powerful call management features all for one low price.

pat live answering service

But as far as the type of calls we take, sometimes we just take messages, but sometimes we will get into your software, that’s what you choose and schedule, reschedule, cancel appointments. The constant ringing of the phone can distract your employees. If you don’t have a separate office for your receptionists, the best option is to hire a remote receptionist. VoiceNation bilingual receptionists can provide 24/7 professional legal intake service and immediately relay them to your firm. By setting up a special rule for certain caller IDs, the auto attendant can be configured to follow the same rule for a certain customer or business partner.

Receptionists should be professional and speak slowly and clearly throughout the conversation. They should take messages, including contact information and brief notes on what the call is about.

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They take our incoming calls 24/7, answer a few basic questions from people, and notify me when the call comes in. I give PATLive basic scripts, which I update monthly to include any changes or times for appointments. Working with PATLive has allowed me to focus on running my business using my core strengths. Talking to potential customers over the phone is not my strongest skills, so their support makes my company more effective. I’ve had no issues with their approach and I get all the customer information I need from their team. Their services have also saved me plenty of time, which is just as valuable as money.

Top answering service receptionists have the singular goal of providing great customer service. They will pick up the call every time and offer polite, calm, and helpful service. There is a couple of different canned responses out there. We will say, we are the after hours live answering service.

They definitely improve my workload, and the amount of time they’ve freed up is invaluable. They’ve improved the quality of my calls and brought in at least six qualified leads over the course of the year. I’m also a real estate agent, so I’ve picked up extra listings and transactions with their help. The quality of inbound calls has improved, and PATLive helped secure at least six qualified transactions over the course of a year.

The management here is probably the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. My immediate supervisor always checks in to make sure everything is going well. He offers assistance without making it seem like I’m a burden. He’s encouraging, positive, and truly wants to see everyone on his team succeed.

Great Starting Pay, Part

We’re new to PatLive and the onboarding team was great! Everyone is extremely competent which makes us confident that our answering service needs are in good hands. Their customer service is good; I’ve never had any problems. They answer quickly, and I have no complaints about their services. I speak with at least two or three people about the protocol and implementing my system.

PATLive has met all needs, while their expertise, personable approach, and reasonable rates contributed to the positive experience. They provide a team to answer calls around the clock, so I don’t have a main point of contact. Right now I’m just assuming they’re doing what needs to be done.

  • Businesses that process orders need call agents that are equipped to handle payment information.
  • You can give your receptionist access to your calendar or scheduler so they can book appointments for you.
  • They’ve answered every call for us and made the process more efficient than before.
  • Receptionists should be professional and speak slowly and clearly throughout the conversation.
  • Understandably, that’s a huge concern when choosing the right live telephone answering service for your med spa.

As a result, simply answering calls can result in increased sales and provide a higher level of confidence for your customer. When you answer their calls, they know the next time they’re ready to make a purchase or have a question, someone at your med spa is just a call away. We may earn a commission from qualified purchases, but this doesn’t reflect on our reviews’ quality or product listings. Our reviews are in no way influenced by the companies mentioned.

The Best Answering Services Of 2022

Even if you don’t receive calls during weekends and evenings, you may want to extend your hours in order to grow your business – and in that case, all you would need to do is upgrade your plan. With PATLive’s 24/7 phone answering service, you can get all the benefits of a personal receptionist – at a fraction of the cost.

I think the goal on a call is to get a consultation scheduled and we know that that’s your goal. We can script it accordingly and then we can even transfer calls live over like we had said earlier. You may also be eligible for the per-call billing service. Real estate, healthcare, legal, retail, telecommunications, and many more. Save time and find higher-quality jobs than on other sites, guaranteed.

PatLive has offered us a free trial now for Clever Leverage readers. When I first started looking in to live answering services for my business phone lines, I was hesitant to sign up for anything expensive because I feared what I’d be getting myself into. It’s nice to be able to test everything out for two weeks before committing… and then if it is a good fit, everything is set to go. Our autodialer software are used for automating sales calls, payment collections, appointment reminders, phone polling and market research.

And, as a crowded space, there remain hundreds of answering services out there to choose from. In 2021 and beyond, expect consolidation to continue, but in a way that benefits entrepreneurs in need of an answering service. When answering on your company’s behalf, an answering service receptionist should act as an extension of your brand. Callers shouldn’t know that you are using an answering service.

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Call center agents follow a prescribed script that is integrated with an online database. Ruby, also known as Ruby Receptionists, is a well-known business answering service offering a full-featured mobile app with usage alerts and voicemail transcriptions. In general, customers prefer speaking with a live call agent. However, an automated attendant may be a good option if you have a simple ‘menu tree’ or only need a system that will route the call to the appropriate department or employee. It’s also great if you prefer to have all calls outside business hours forwarded to your personal phone number. Other than that, most business owners (and customers!) would agree that the best phone answering service is provided by live, friendly, and professional call agents or receptionists.

  • I give PATLive basic scripts, which I update monthly to include any changes or times for appointments.
  • While on call, the PATLive agent directly enters the lead information into the CRM.
  • There are a few industry policies that are somewhat complicated.
  • This is the first step towards triggering the sales process.

The pay is very competitive against other call centers. Management is cool, they have fun activities and events for you to look forward to. PatLive is a wonderful alternative to an “in person” receptionist. The onboarding process has been a breeze and every team member is so helpful. Always Great service…and this is what my callers tell me.

Lawyerist Speaks: Abby Connect Client Experience

CallShaper partners with businesses to maximize contacts, track the performance of agents, manage leads, telemarketing, and sales processes. The drag-and-drop interactive voice response editor allows managers to transfer calls to third-party stakeholders and other recipients based on agents’ availability, time, or type. Supervisors can import leads by uploading files in bulk and agents can utilize call scripts to communicate and resolve clients’ queries. Using predictive and preview dialers, marketing agents can automate call handling processes and review lead information before client interactions. Jamie Lowary is the Channel Relations Manager for PATLive, a 24/7 live answering service. PATLive has answered phone calls for thousands of businesses for over 28 years.

pat live answering service

Still, Abby Connect isn’t the lowest-priced solution, especially if you need 24-hour answering services. Although Map Communications lacks a mobile app and doesn’t provide dedicated teams, it’s more than $100 less per month and more than $1 less per minute than Abby Connect. Starting your answering service should pat live answering service be a simple, streamlined process. Ideally, professional agents should be able to recommend services to you based on your company. Competitive answering services like PATLive are less expensive than in-house call teams. Not only will you save money, but you will also free up your team to do what they do best.

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We haven’t had to communicate directly with their team very frequently, but they’ve been available and receptive to our needs. We can call them when necessary, and they send us the messages and information they gather from callers. They have an excellent command of the English language.

How We Evaluated The Best Answering Services For Small Businesses

Will complete administrative duties for the HR department, onboard new employees in HRIS system, maintain files, conduct benefit meetings, and help coordinate events. Be sure you understand the billing increment before signing up with a service, because they can make a seemingly affordable service expensive in reality. Some of the optional add-ons available for an extra fee come standard with other services. There is a one-time $50 setup fee that must be paid prior to activation. Our team spends weeks evaluating dozens of business solutions to identify the best options. Organize and simplify your firm’s client intake process.

Create an account today to experience Tresta’s virtual phone system for yourself risk-free. Our 30 day free trial includes full access to every feature we offer, with no restrictions or limitations. PATLive offers comprehensive services that go above and beyond attending calls. Virtual Receptionists enter information collected over the duration of the call into the client system. This is the first step towards triggering the sales process. This is possible across web-based client management software. The PATLive service comes with an additional feature which involves working on a script for every client based on their specific business needs.

Answering services may charge various other fees and upcharges.When you call for price quotes, ask about additional fees as well as any recurring and incidental fees that you may be charged. Before selecting a service, pore over the company’s contract to ensure you’re aware of all possible fees. BPO American has six service plans, starting at $29 per month and topping out at $369 per month. There is no setup fee, and all plans run month-to-month with no penalty for canceling. Features such as live web chat are not included in the monthly subscription.


An automated phone system will never provide the same level of service as a customer service representative. However, it is a good way for companies to handle a large volume of calls, reduce costs, and have the calls automatically transferred to the right department. Automated answering services are usually based on an interactive voice response system.

They’re responsive and provide a high level of customer service. When I first started working with PATLive, the call center agents used one of their existing protocols. I gave PATLive access to the database and implemented their agents into my system. The ease of that process depends somewhat on the experience of the call center agent.

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